At The Nest, Kids CPR & Allergy, we take our parent and caregiver in-home classes to the next level….

Not only are we partnered with the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation, but you also won't need to leave your house to learn a ton & have fun doing it!

In a 3 hour class, in the comfort of your home, we will cover Infant & Child CPR,  First Aid for the 5 most common injuries and deliver Allergy Prevention and Management advice, all tailored to the child’s age groups & need of the attendees.

The Details….

  • The class can be in your home or at a venue of your choice.

  • All classes can be easily tailored to the age groups of the parents and caregivers attending.

  • Taught by experienced paediatric nurses and an allergy nurse specialist.

  • We can arrange the venue if needed.

  • Hands on CPR Manikin practice (no acting necessary, promise!)

  • First aid situations include burns, choking, febrile convulsion, head injury & drowning

Injury happens in the blink of an eye and can be life changing and a quarter of all injuries occur in the home, so, where better to hold a class, than in your home, with the people closest to you who also have a vested interest in keeping your precious cargo safe, or with your friends or mothers group, after all, you do spend quite a bit of time together!

It might even be an idea to get that MIL along who's favourite motto is, "a little won't hurt!"

With the staggering growth of the number of food allergies in children in Australia, which stands at a frightening 4-8% of children aged under 5 and 8% of children under 1 year, we have seen a real need for our parents and care givers to understand allergy, bust those myths and know what to do in an emergency as a result of an allergic reaction.

By booking one of our classes, you’ll be a fluent life saver in no time!

And if you need a little refresher after a day or two, it’s ok, because you will have our Ebook which details the whole course and also our ‘How to help a choking child’ guide too!

Oh, and if that’s not enough support, all attendee’s will be invited to our private FB group where you can hang with like minded parents and ask as many questions as you like, CPR, First Aid & Allergy related!

Now brace yourself, there’s a few stats coming….

Childhood injury is costly, life changing and preventable. Between 2002 & 2012, there were 686,409 injury-related hospitalisations, 31% of these numbers were children aged 1-5 years (211,778) and 3.5% (23,700) were children under 1 year of age.

2/3 of the children injured across this time period were males… (Hmmmm deep joy, I have 2 boys!)

Nearly 50% of parents of critically injured children develop PTSD. Parent well being is essential to their capacity to support their child’s well being. We, at The Nest are here to give you, the parent and caregiver, the confidence and the skill to be in control of the situation and know that you did everything you could, in the comfort of home.

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