💦Swimmers Ear 👂🏼💦

💦Swimmers Ear 👂🏼💦

It’s that time of year folks!

When the weather gets hot, we Slip, Slop, Slap & the ears get ouchy!

Every time I pull my son’s T shirt on or off, he complains that his ear is sore, so finally I succumbed and took him to the GP because it looked just fine to me!

Also known as otitis externa, this infection of the outer ear happens when water and bacteria get trapped in the ear canal. The bacteria can multiply in this warm, moist environment, leading to irritation and infection of the skin lining the ear canal.

This is a common problem for swimmers, but can affect anyone after bathing or taking a shower, or diving under the water at least 80% of the time, like my son!

He also kept saying he could “hear his ear!” which is actually a symptom,hearing noises in the ear.

What you can do about it?

  • Keep the ear canal dry (so hard!)

  • Pain relief such as panadol

  • Apply a heat pack

  • You can get drops from the GP if necessary

If you see any yellow or green drainage from the ear, you must seek medical advice if you have not already.

Swimmers ear is only an infection of the ear canal, not the drum.

So, otherwise, keep safe, keep your ears dry and enjoy the rest of the summer pain free!

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