All About Head Injuries....

All About Head Injuries....

We’ve all been there….

You hear that loud ‘THUD’ of their soft little skull hitting the floor, and you feel a bit sick.

Unfortunately it is a common occurance in kids, to bump their head 1000 times a day, especially when they are toddlers, if you have a newborn, brace yourself, because in about a year, it all starts!

It is sometimes difficult to tell if a head injury is serious or not, many are mild and just result in a bump, bruise and a few tears.

Here are some guidelines around how to judge how serious your child’s injury is.

You should seek medical help immediately if…

  • Your child falls from more than a meter high

  • If the injury involved high speeds

  • Your child loses consciousness

  • They vomit more than once afterwards

A moderate to severe head injury can create many symptoms, and your child can show one or a few of them.

  • They may be drowsy

  • Dazed or shocked

  • Not cry straight after the injury (younger children)

  • Be confused, have memory loss or disorientated

  • Have visual disturbance

  • Has unequal pupils

  • Weakness in arms or legs

  • Have a seizure

Signs of a Mild head injury

  • They might be slightly disorientated just at the time of the injury

  • Quickly alert & interacting with you

  • Vomited just once

  • May have bruises or a cut but otherwise normal

If your child has a headache after the injury, then it is ok to give panadol, but if it is severe and persistent, then it is best to get them checked.

There is no need to wake your child during the night unless you have been advised to do so by a doctor. 

The most important thing to remember is that you know your child better than anyone, and if they seem to be acting differently, or doing anything out of character, go with your gut instinct and get them seen by a doctor immediately.

Symptoms from a head injury can arise at various times but the first 4 hours are the most important to keep an eye!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and found it informative.

Please leave me a comment and share with other fellow parents so they can be in the ‘know’ about what to do with their precious cargo in an emergency!

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