Sea Lice Bites 🦀

Sea Lice Bites 🦀


I must confess I didn’t know these were a thing until recently. I’m way more familiar with sand flies (ruined a girls holiday in Thailand 😤)

🦀What is sea lice?

skin irritation due to the trapping of small jellyfish larvae in your swimmers! 🤮

When you swim in the ocean, the larvae become trapped inside your swimsuit, & yes you’ve guessed it, the larvae have stinging cells.

So, when the larvae rub against your skin, you experience the skin irritation known as sea lice bites.

🦀What are the symptoms of sea lice bites?

You’ll feel them almost immediately after getting in the water. It can feel like a “prickling” sensations, then skin will usually start to itch. Other symptoms might include:

🦑 headaches

🦑 lethargy

🦑 nausea

🦑 rash that appears underneath where a bathing suit would be

🦑 red bumps that may come together and resemble a large, red mass.

🦀How do you treat it?

If the rash is under the swim suit, then wash it in hot water & tumble dry to make sure the larvae are gone, or throw it away!

Use calamine lotion, anti histamine, ibuprofen or a topical hydrocortisone cream for comfort.

If your child develops a fever watch closely. Seek medical attention if a fever persisted.

Now, enjoy your dinner! 😂

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