Urgh. I just got THAT email from Daycare.

Someone has hand foot & mouth & you can betcha my child will be next!

I hate to be dramatic, but my eldest had it when he was two & you wouldn’t have known. He was so well! Just a spotty bum & feet.

Then I got it! 😖 OMG. I actually went to my GP & asked for pain relief, I couldn’t even hold a pen!

Long story short.... I wouldn’t want it again!

HF&M is a common viral illness, that mostly affects children under 5 (& 37 yr olds apparently) and it is highly contagious 😷

Your child could present with blisters on the cheeks, gums, throat and on the hands and feet.

They can also get some in the groin & nappy area.

There is no treatment because it is a virus, but they should be gone in 7-10 days.

You can treat the symptoms with paracetamol & plenty of fluids.

Oh and you’ll need to keep them at home from daycare until the blisters are dried!


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