The Nest partners with Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation!


I have some very exciting news, that was actually part of my vision for The Nest from Day 1....

We now proudly support Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation.

With every single booking that is made for a class with us here at The Nest, we give 5% straight to the foundation.

That 5% from every booking, will go toward helping Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation fund the vital clinical care that sick kids need now, so they have the best possible treatment and Hospital experience.

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation also invest in research that will change and save more lives in the future.

By discovering better ways to diagnose, treat or prevent childhood disease and injuries, they also help generations of children to come.

As a current Clinical Nurse Specialist at Sydney Children’s Hospital, I see the difference it makes everyday.  

I’ve been working in this hospital for a long time now and feel like part of the furniture, so to be able to actually contribute towards the foundation is awesome! 

I’m very excited about the future of The Nest with this partnership with The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation 🤕😃


To book one of our classes in your home, and be a direct contributor to the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation, click here ⛑🥚🦢

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