✨Allergy mum interview✨...with Aimee Toby (AKA @mrs.toby on insta)

Nurse, Mum and baby sleep consultant, Aimee Toby, kindly agreed to be interviewed for The Nest Blog, all about her family and their egg allergy,

We dove right into the following questions…

  • When did your child's allergies develop?

  • What symptoms did they present with?

  • Have they had anaphylaxis?

  • Have you had to give the epipen?

  • What causes you the most anxiety in regards to your child’s allergies?

  • Do family members understand allergy?

  • How do you educate yourself about allergy? Dr? ASCIA?

  • Has your experience with healthcare professionals been good or bad?

  • Whats your biggest frustration as an allergy mum?

  • If you could give other new allergy mum’s a word of advice, what would it be?

Aimee was fantastic and I think you are going to love this interview!

🥚Eastern Suburbs Mum’s feature The Nest 🕊

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