🤕True Life Emergency Series ⛑ Episode 1

🤕True Life Emergency Series ⛑ Episode 1


In my line of work, you come to realise that accidents happen all the time.

It does not matter how careful we are or how old we are sometimes, there is still going to be situations that we would rather not think about. The best thing we can do is be prepared for them, as best we can.

One of those ways is to be equipped with the essential skills to save a child’s life, and the best way to do that is to take a class like the ones we run over at The Nest.

Hearing the stories of other fellow parents has really compounded the fact that first aid and CPR is an essential skill needed when we become parents or caregivers.

With the True Life Emergency Series, you are going to hear from some incredible families that have faced terrifying situations with their little ones and some who are still living with the uncertainly of an illness.

This week, meet Robyn, from the Murray River and her two (now grown) sons….

1. So, how many children do you have and how old are they?

Two sons, 29 and 27


2. What part of Australia do you live in? 

Originally raised in Melbourne but now living on the Murray River in Corowa


3. What kind of medical emergency did your child have?

There were two rather major emergencies – one with each of my sons.


Son 1

At about 18 months old 'M’ was getting to be quite the explorer, I was busy with his younger baby brother and some guests we had and he decided to help himself to the Laundry cupboard.  Unfortunately we hadn’t estimated ‘M’s’ agility and he climbed up the shelves to get a bottle of Buscopan, a medication for stomach cramps.  It was in the days before child safety locks became a must have so he was able to open the bottle and consume some of the pills.  I went to check on him and found both him and the bottle on the floor of the laundry.  My son was still quite happy but I was unable to tell how many pills he had taken.  I rushed him to PANCH in Preston and they induced vomiting with charcoal and he had to stay overnight.  It was rather frightening for all of us.


Son 2

Also around 2 years old ‘J’ was even more of an explorer than his older brother.  His Dad was servicing our aboveground pool and had inadvertently left the gate open behind him and our son had wandered in without his Dad noticing.  I was inside the house vacuuming and over the noise of the vacuum I could hear yelling.  It was my husband calling for help.  I rushed outside to find both my husband, our neighbour and my youngest son dripping wet and all very emotional.  Our son had gone into the pool area and climbed the ladder to the pool, he had fallen into the pool face first and when my husband found him he was submerged in the water.  It was purely by chance that my husband stood up and looked across the pool finding ‘J’ in the water.  Our neighbour was having lunch at the time and heard the yelling, he jumped the fence to help my husband.  Thankfully our son was not harmed, he had swallowed some water but was none the worse off.

We sold the pool after that, it was a huge reality check for our family and we were not going to go through that again.


4. How old was your child when this incident happened?

As above


5. How did you react?

Emotional, helpless and angry that we had perhaps in some way been the cause of their accidents.


6. Were you surprised with how you reacted?

No, I think any parent would have reacted the same.


7. Was anyone else there with you? 

Yes we were all home on both occasions


8. Did you need to call an ambulance?



9. Did you know how to perform first aid or CPR? 

My husband had some training however I had no training at the time.


10. How did you feel afterwards?

All these years later I still feel sick thinking about what could have happened.  At the time I was very emotional and worried.


11. Has it made any difference to how you do things with your child/feed your child?

 After my son took the medication we made changes to the storage of our medicines.  They were put up higher and secured with a lock.

After my youngest son almost drowned we sold the pool and I took a child resuscitation and first aid course

12. Do you think it’s a good idea to learn first aid/CPR when you have a child?

 Based on my personal experience I think it is a must for any parent!!

To book a class at the Nest, head on over here and you can choose to book an in home class or you can join our classes at the Children’s Clinic over at Bondi Junction, 2022.

If you would like to share your story with The Nest, click here and drop us a line….

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🤕True Life Emergency Series ⛑ Episode 2

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