🤕True Life Emergency Series ⛑ Episode 2

🤕True Life Emergency Series ⛑ Episode 2


Susan Redden Makatoa is a local Sydney mum who witnesses her 11 year old child become suddenly completely unresponsive…..

His eyes were open but he was unable to move.

Here is her story.

1. So, how many children do you have and how old are they?

Five - 15, 13, twin 7 year olds, 3

2. What part of Australia do you live in?


3. What kind of medical emergency did your child have?

My then-11 year old slipped into a catatonic state. His eyes were open but he was completely unresponsive and unable to move.

4. How old was your child when this incident happened?


5. How did you react?

My husband carried him in as it happened in the car about 300m from home. One look at him and I called 000. Something was clearly very wrong.

6. Were you surprised with how you reacted?

We stayed calm but it was terrifying. My husband ushered the other kids out. We laid him on the couch and one of us was with him till the ambos arrived.

7. Was anyone else there with you?

Husband and kids.

8. Did you need to call an ambulance?

Yes, and they stayed on the line, asking me to check vitals and count his breaths till the unit arrived. Once they got to us, they couldn’t get him to respond either to sterna rubs, lights in his eyes, he didn’t even flinch when they put a line in, and a cardiac ambulance was called.

He was rushed to Sydney Children’s and straight into resus. There was a team of 8 people around him. We could only watch as they checked for (and ruled out, thankfully) cardiac incident, stroke, head injury and lots of other nasty possibilities. He started to come round after an hour and had no idea what was happening.

9. Did you know how to perform first aid or CPR? 

Not properly, no. The ambulance line people were amazing.

10. How did you feel afterwards?

Shell shocked and full of “what-ifs”. Like we’d been walking lucky street with no idea what was coming.

11. Has it made any difference to how you do things with your child/feed your child?

Yes, we have care instructions for the kids’ schools. Further investigation revealed a sleep disorder so we manage that really carefully.

12. Do you think it’s a good idea to learn first aid/CPR when you have a child?

Ah, yes!

To book a class at the Nest, head on over here and you can choose to book an in home class or you can join our classes at the Children’s Clinic over at Bondi Junction, 2022.

If you would like to share your story with The Nest, click here and drop us a line….

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