🤕True Life Emergency Series - Episode 4 ⛑

🤕True Life Emergency Series - Episode 4 ⛑


Casey from Mornington Peninsula shares her story with the Nest about her son sustaining 3rd degree burns.

He was 18 months old at the time and is now 6 years old and thriving.

But the burns he sustained led him to skin grafts and months of rehab, including learning to walk properly again….

1. So, how many children do you have and how old are they?

I have one son and he is 6

2. What part of Australia do you live in?

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria 

3. What kind of medical emergency did your child have?

3rd degree burns to his left leg and palms of his hands. (Radiant Burn)

4. How old was your child when this incident happened? 18 months

5. How did you react? I wasn’t home for the incident but returned 10 minutes after not knowing it happened. 

I instantly knew something was severely wrong and snatched him from his father. Asked questions and sat him in the shower while I called the local doctors (at that point it was his hands we could see were burnt.

6. Were you surprised with how you reacted?


7. Was anyone else there with you? My sons father

8. Did you need to call an ambulance?

Once assessed at the doctors (we live 45 minutes from a emergency department)

The doctor informed us to drive as fast as we could to the hospital (ambulance would take to long)

9. Did you know how to perform first aid or CPR? 

I knew to put a burn under water, I never knew the difference between second degree or 3rd degree burns and wasn’t aware you keep water running on the area for as long as possible 

10. How did you feel afterwards?


11. Has it made any difference to how you do things with your child/feed your child?


12. Do you think it’s a good idea to learn first aid/CPR when you have a child?

Absolutely .

My beautiful little boy had only just started walking when his accident happened.

I had left him in his fathers care to go to the shops to grab some milk. 

His feet had been burning off around the property that day. It wasn’t a fire but I knew it was still hot so I warned him to keep and eye on him and not let him near the area.

Soon returning I pulled into the driveway and saw my ex bouncing my son up and down, franticsllly trying to console him. 

I could tell instantly by the tears that something was severely wrong.

I ripped him from his dads arms and started consolid him myself. Asked for the story (although I could tell as hispants were covered in soot) 

My son kept grabbing at his hands and crying and screaming. Flailing his arms around. 

The pads of his palms was horribly burnt. 

I install rushes into the house and started to run his hands under the shower (he hated it but I knew it was the procedure (first aid training)

I called my local doctors who insisted we come up straightt away. Wrapped his hands in wet towels.

Once there the nurse kept his hands running under cold water in the sink. The doctor assessed his hands and said it 2nd degree burns with small patches of 3rd degree. It’s second degree burns that actually cause the pain which I why my son was screaming for his hands.

My son couldn’t be consoled (no lollie could help) 

The nurse insisted we take his dirty jeans off. 

As she pulled his jeans down it revealed my worse nightmare. 

His legs were white with burned dead skin. 

She had to gently pull his pants down as the skin was attached to the denim. 

She screamed for the doctor and that’s when he said just go don’t stop. Not even for the police. Just get to the hospital. 

The nurse rushed us out. She was in tears and felt terrible that none of us knew the burn was there and Should have been attended to this entire time.

I cradled my son in the back of the car. Who was screaming in horrendous pain. I had to hold him so tight, he was writhing in pain.

Once we got to hospital he was attended to instantly.

I was asked every 5 minutes by different staff the story of how it happened. I was in tears the entire time. I felt like it was all my fault. I know they were just making sure it wasn’t a case of child abuse but all I wanted to do was console and hold my baby. 

Later on once my son was treated and prepped for skin grafting. The senior surgeon explained to me that he suffered a radiant burn. 

It was like when you stand in front a fire. And it feels nice and warm. Then all of sudden your pants are so hot you have to jump away. 

The heat was trapped in his pants. And slowly melted his skin (but not the pants) the doctors surgery still had his unmarked jeans on display to educate others. 

And there would have been no way for us to know that type of burn was there. 

My son went through 6 months of treatment at the royal children’s hospital. 

He is 6 now and thriving. His development is slightly delayed from being splayed out in plaster for so long and required months of physio to get him walking again. His fine motor skills were also affected in his hands. 

But his pincer grip is coming along beautifully. 

I wish that I had know about the radiant burns. And to check his entire body. I wish I had just stood in the freezing shower with him for all the time for an abulance to come. 

Because the time wasted up at the doctors to when one would have arrived would have been the same. 

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