Calmbirth Joins Hands With The Nest

At The Nest we are over the moon to finally announce our collaborative partnership with Calmbirth.

When The Nest was ‘born’, this organisation was at the forefront of my mind as one I would absolutely love to work with, as I am a Calmbirth graduate myself.

I am very excited to see where this partnership will lead us both, as they dovetail so beautifully.

Our shared passion, values and vision will pave the way for many many more empowered parents and care givers out there.

Now share the good news with your wider community! 

Take a look at the work Calmbirth do right here, and know that if you do a Calmbirth course, you will get 10% The Nest, Kids CPR & Allergy Classes. If you show receipt of your Calmbirth booking, you are welcome to do it before baby comes too!

Danielle and Saige birth.jpg