Oral Food Challenge


If your child has a diagnosed food allergy and you have regular skin prick testing (SPT), the results will show if they are growing out of the allergy or not. ⠀

If the results are improving, your doctor may send you for an oral food challenge to the foods that are showing smaller & smaller SPT results. ⠀

Below is an image of a typical food challenge set up. ⠀

We give 5 doses of the food, starting with a small amount & grading up to a final larger dose. ⠀

The doses are given 20 mins apart to watch for any symptoms. ⠀

Symptoms range from a tingly mouth, hives to anaphylaxis. ⠀

We monitor them closely & keep them for 2 hours after their last dose, just to watch for delayed reaction. ⠀

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