The Nest Coffee Sessions

The Nest Coffee Sessions


Come along and have a 1-2-1 chat with a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Childhood Health and Allergy.

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This will be a fun and interactive get-together with like minded parents and a visiting expert or two in the paediatric space, so you can pick our brains over coffee.

The Nest Coffee Sessions will have various stations set up for you to cruise around at your leisure, picking up expert tips and skills as you go.

It is a casual and fun event!

Babies and breastfeeding always welcome at all 'Nest' events!

The Nest Coffee Sessions are an opportunity to ...

Learn first aid and see demonstrations for the most common accidents in childhood.

Participate in CPR and choking child demo's with our manikins

Have a face to face chat with our specialist nurse about all things child health

Ask our in-house Allergy Nurse Specialist all about food allergy. Why is it so common now? Is my child at risk? How do I introduce food? Do I give peanut butter to my 6 month old?

Learn about your diet in pregnancy and how that can affect childhood allergy rates

Drink your complememhary tea and coffee while having a chat with other mums

Does your child have food allergies? Come and build a network of mums in the same boat.

Learn exactly what we teach over at The Nest in our full classes that we run out of various hospitals, Children's Clinics and homes all over Sydney.

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$15 flat rate fee - Complimentary tea & coffee

Accidental Ingestion of Adult Medication

Accidental Ingestion of Adult Medication

Burns - Prevention & First aid

Burns - Prevention & First aid