🥑Caution - 90 sec video may contain nuts...🥑

🥑Caution - 90 sec video may contain nuts...🥑

Actually, not really, but every other company is saying it, so... 🤷🏼 (Don't get me started)

Hi, 👋🏼 I'm Heidi, Clinical Nurse Specialist in childhood allergy, paediatric nurse of 17 yrs and founder of The Nest!

Over at The Nest we do 3️⃣ things...

1️⃣ We support allergy families (we know that you live with a level of fear that most families don't have to deal with) Support 👉🏼 🙋🏼‍♀️👈🏼right here!

2️⃣ Not sure how to introduce those scary allergy foods to your baby, like peanut butter? 🤷🏼‍♀️Hello, 👋🏼 over here!

3️⃣ We teach baby and child CPR, first aid and allergy management and prevention classes all over Sydney. C'mon and click below to see ⤵️

So take a quick watch of this 90 sec video and then take a tour of the rest of our website where you'll find...

🥑 A ton of published articles on all things child health and allergy

💙Public and private classes

🥑The Nest Allergy Tribe private FB group

💙The Nest Coffee Sessions (your invited....)

🥑 Contact form to ask any questions you like to our specialist nurse team

💙Our FREE First Aid Pocketbook download at the bottom of every page

Babyology podcast - The rise in allergies

the Nest featured in Kidspot!

the Nest featured in Kidspot!