At The Nest, Kids CPR & Allergy, we take our parent and caregiver in-home classes to the next level here in Sydney….


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Brilliant teaching session, I learnt a lot and it was
Great to be able to do it with my friends. Super friendly and I feel better knowing what to do in an emergency with my kids. Would definitely recommend
— Clare, Coogee
The class was full of information and Heidi was so knowledgeable about First Aid, emergency situations and also allergies. As a mum of kids with allergies, this was a big draw for me as I had lots of little ‘what if’ questions in my mind that were discussed and answered. I now feel much more confident that I know what to do in an emergency, both First Aid/CPR related or allergy related. Weight off my mind - thank you Heidi!!
— Karen, Randwick
I had a group session in my home with some friends a few months ago and I still remember what Heidi taught us as her session was so practical, hands on and she is fun and charismatic. Highly recommend!
— Elaine, Little Bay
Highly recommend Heidi and her Infant CPR session. Heidi is friendly and approachable for any questions you may have and the session itself is relaxed and extremely insightful. Very practical tips given
— Daphne-Ann Kelly, Randwick, NSW
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Me and my husband attended a session with Heidi.

We found it relatable and thorough. Heidi also ensured we felt comfortable before moving on to the next topic.

We feel much more confident now to handle an emergency should it occur with our newborn (hopefully not!).

We also received an easy to read booklet and explanation of how to manage various scenarios. Highly recommended for any parent.
— Jumana & Ken, Liverpool
I recently had a CPR & first aid session with Heidi & I honestly could not recommend her enough. Leaving the session with confidence that I could act if a situation ever did arise: money cant buy. I highly encourage new parents or those looking for a refresher session to organise with Heidi
— Sharon, Glebe
Very informative, professional and friendly. I now have the theory to deal with an emergency which gives me great confidence around my kids and family.
— Amy, Maroubra
I loved learning from Heidi. Her knowledge is outstanding and her manner is very professional and down to earth. As a mum she is very relatable and made me feel at total ease. Amazing class, highly recommend
— Renee, Maroubra
Heidi explains the world of allergies in a way that’s super easy to understand .... I feel as though a lot of my fears have been alleviated.
I don’t want to have to do first aid .... but I feel like I can now if I have to!!! Thanks Heidi!

Ps: Group sessions are a great way to meet other parents in similar situations .... it was actually quite good fun!
— Kate, Mosman