Heidi Young RN (Dip.H.E.) Paediatric Nursing & Clinical Nurse Specialist (Allergy)


My name is Heidi, I have been a paediatric nurse for 17 years and a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Childhood Allergy for the last 4 years.

I have worked in various hospitals around the UK and Australia and as a result, has treated children with all kinds of injuries and illnesses.

More often than not, I see parents come through the doors of the Children’s Hospital, upset in the knowledge that they didn’t know what to do for their child when it mattered most.

When I became a mother, I finally understood how all those parents really felt. As a Paediatric nurse, I rest easy in the knowledge that I know exactly how to help my boys, should the dreaded situation arise.

Every parent, expectant parent and carer should be armed with the knowledge, and the confidence and security that come with it. I deal with parents every single day that, when it mattered most, did not have the immediate skills to act quickly.

CPR and Allergy advice is something that I have been passionate about for a long time now, and it is time to share my knowledge.

Over at The Nest, Kids CPR & Allergy, we teach a range of classes and they are all taught by experienced paediatric nurses with a focus on hands-on learning and real-life scenarios.

Classes are tailored to suit participants and address the specific needs of children aged 0-18 years.

Over at The Nest, we also offer allergy advice for parents and children living with food allergy. As a Clinical Nurse Allergy Specialist at the Children’s Hospital, I see first hand the amount of worry, fear & questions allergy parents have in between their appointments which can be minimum 1-3 years apart. If there is a delay in parents getting the right advice, it can dramatically affect the children’s outcome in regards to their allergies.

In conjunction with this, anaphylaxis training is another class that we love to teach and we offer inside The Nest, Kids CPR & Allergy.

I gained a Diploma in Higher Education (Paed Nursing) and am now the Clinical Nurse Specialist in Allergy as part of the Immunology team at Sydney Children’s Hospital, as well as various roles in paediatric hospitals across Australia and the UK in most Paediatric specialities including, Oncology, Surgical, Medical, ENT, Recovery, Emergency, Renal, Cardiac and Intensive care.

I live with my partner Ross and our two sons. When I’m not teaching, you’ll find me at the gym, in a Sydney coffee shop, drinking tea with my besties in the gourmet bakeries in England on my yearly visits home or hill walking in Highlands of Scotland with the in laws, chasing Haggis!

Allergy and baby CPR classes

The Nest Joins The Children’s Clinic at Bondi!

The Nest prides itself on working alongside only the best healthcare professionals this side of the Nullabor, and I can safely say that the folks over at the Children's Clinic definitely fit the bill. 

The Nest holds it’s regular public classes at the Children’s Clinic.

This is a child health clinic made up of paediatric specialists and allied health professionals in a number of key fields all under one roof. 

They are a team of well respected paediatric health professionals specialising in caring for the health of children.

All the doctors and allied health professionals at the Children's Clinic have been trained at world leading hospitals for children and have been hand picked because they are experts in their fields. 

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A little about the organisations we have aligned ourselves with…


Calmbirth Joins Hands With The Nest


With Knowledge comes Confidence

Calmbirth® – Prepares pregnant couples emotionally, mentally and physically for birth, by providing them with all the knowledge, tools and skills to have a positive birth experience whilst being supported by both their partner and caregiver during pregnancy, labour and birth.

Since Calmbirth’s inception in 2004, Calmbirth® has been leading the way in Childbirth Education, Training and Research, and as a result is Australia’s most highly acclaimed, recommended, TRUSTED and scientifically proven childbirth education program in Australia. 

Calmbirth® was the first childbirth education program in Australia to recognise the interrelationship between the mind and body connection in birth – the connection and power between a woman’s emotional state and the way her body responds in birth. Calmbirth® uses this mind-body connection to assist couples to replace the fear, stress and anxiety about giving birth with the knowledge and skills to birth their baby calmly, fearlessly, safely and confidently.

“A woman will birth best when she feels SAFE, UNDISTURBED and RESPECTED. Calmbirth’s goal is to educate and improve the birthing outcomes for all women and their families, not just physically but emotionally as well,” Director of Calmbirth, Karen McClay says.

Close to 30, 000 couples have attended a Calmbirth program and there are over 100 Calmbirth Educators across Australia, New Zealand and France. 

Calmbirth has been scientifically proven to significantly reduce:

  • the rate of medical interventions during childbirth

  • the use of pharmacological pain relief in labour including epidurals  

  • enriches their birth experience as one that is positive, irrespective of how they birth

  • reduces the impact of perinatal anxiety which may then have a protective effect postnatal adjustment, and potentially depression, after birth. 

Today, the program continues to lead the way in revolutionising birth culture one couple at a time, leaving its imprint on future generations of women to birth with knowledge, confidence and with the support of their partners and caregivers.

Director of Calmbirth, Karen McClay says, “Our vision is to change our current birth culture to one that is talked about and experienced far more positively, and with less unnecessary medical interventions, now and for future generations.

“Calmbirth is extremely happy and proud to be aligning ourselves with a like minded and professional organisation such as The NEST whose vision is to take away the fear of nurturing new life to give the expectant mothers and their partners a holistic perspective to carry them through parenthood. As a new parent’s decision to learn CPR and basic first aid may prove to be the difference between life and death for their child.”

If you have booked a Calmbirth class, you get 10% off our classes! Be sure to contact us for the code when we see your Calmbirth receipt!